MEDICE is a dynamic, fully integrated, third-generation family business. Developing high-quality medicines, manufacturing them at our own sites in Germany and distributing them in our home market of Germany and worldwide – that is what drives us at MEDICE and is therefore at the heart of the Health Family.
The MEDICE Health Family develops and distributes innovative, integrated and highly diverse healthcare solutions. Our aim is to develop suitable preventative and therapeutic concepts for every stage of an illness; from the initial onset through to chronic symptoms by integrating pharmaceutical, digital and nutritional medicine expertise and combining them together within an innovative preventative and therapeutic management system.

MEDICE has chosen BioTrends EM as their electronic system for managing environmental monitoring. We are particularly proud of this choice, as it was made after MEDICE experts had the opportunity to test it for several months at full functionality, convincing themselves of its effectiveness and its ability to fully meet their requirements.
One of our microbiology experts, with years of experience in environmental monitoring, trained the managers identified by MEDICE and configured the system with them so that it reflected their way of working and the real production environment as closely as possible.
Throughout the trial period, MEDICE received our technical and scientific support and also had the opportunity to test our mobile devices in the field, which were shipped to their headquarters.
We will soon proceed with the implementation, validation, and use of BioTrends EM ver. 2.5, while at the end of the year, an upgrade of the system will be carried out, incorporating the new features suggested by key individuals at MEDICE, which we found very interesting and, as usual in such cases, since we are the owners and developers of the software code, we will implement.