Active Directory Integration

BioTrends EM® now supports Active Directory for users authentication by LDAP protocol or other technologies like OKTA in addition to the proprietary credential management system.

Sampling Plans Approval and Versioning

BioTrends EM® allows you to generate and manage templates (Sampling Plans) that group samplings that must be repeated periodically. In ver.2.5 the approval process and the automatic version management have been implemented.  A new Sampling Plan  must be approved by a responsible before taking effect and new versions will be automatically created by the system, upon request of an authorized user, who will be able to modify some properties such as the sampling points to add or delete, the entry date etc. The new version must also be approved by a responsible before it is used.

Supported Languages

BioTrends EM® is a multilanguage system and at the moment supports English, Italian, French, Spanish and German (new)

NFC Bands and Badges Support

With the new version of BioTrends EM® Mobile we have introduced support for NFC bands and badges that can be linked to the people and used for login and personnel selection on the PDA, improving the workflow.

You can use your own bands and badges (NTAG215 or better) or those specifically produced for BioTrends EM® and available for purchase from us.

Results validation

The function allows you to check the count of CFU registered by the operators. Validation must be performed by an operator other than the one who carried out the reading. In case of a mismatched count, the validator can open a recount request.

Simplified No Growth registration

It is quite common for a series of samplings in areas classified as grade A and grade B to result in zero CFU (no-growth). The new functionality allows you to manage this situation quickly and easily. The operator can select the “record no-growth” menu item, scan all sample plates with zero CFU and confirm the operation.