Maps and Trends

With BioTrends™ it is possible to manage areas in your site in a visual way through the layout management features where you can identify the sampling points in a specific area.

Thanks to the it is possible to display the graphs related to all types of sampling. Given that graphs are interactive it is possible, from a point displayed on the graph, to go back to the sampling detail, to display the sampling session or the sampling plan that generated such graph, to display the line representing the linear regression, to display any potential number of deviations, to compare on the same graph two or more points belonging to the same type and area, to export the graph with all its details in HTML format.

When a data is out of specification, it is possible to open a deviation, send an email automatically filled with all the information like sampling point number, area involved, date of sampling, typology of deviation (Action or Alert), product batch, etc.
With the Deviation Report tool, it is possible review the list of deviation, selecting by different categories and range of time; it is possible check the status of each deviation and print out a report.